Mobile framing

After doing a lot of research we have found that there are lot of people who can’t get to us when we are open. Therefore, in order to suit those who are unable to get to the shop, we decided to provide this new service – Mobile Framing.

Basically, you don’t need to come and see us at the workshop at all. We come to you and bring a comprehensive selection of materials to enable you to choose the right frame for your item. You make an appointment with us at a time that mutually suits, place your order with us and we will arrange to deliver the framed items to your chosen address.

We have all the samples from the shop in small versions too, so we will bring to you a large selection of mini chevrons for frames and mounts, so you can make the decision as accurate as if you would be in the workshop.

As the workshop is located in North Finchley, we will offer this service free for any customer located within 1 mile from the shop. For further distances, there will be a small charge for transport and delivery.

For more information or personalized offers, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you !